congress team: 
Pedro B Ortiz (Spain/USA) & Olga Chepelianskaia (France/Russia)

Creating holistic liveable environments is of key importance today. Cities, in particular, face an increasing pressure on their resources and an increasing climate change threat, which exposes their residents to growing risks. At the same time, a disruptive technological revolution – Industry 4.0 –  brings opportunities to work and get services remotely. How do cities remain competitive and attract creative individuals while these major changes continue to unfold? A liveable and thriving environment is becoming a matter of their future survival.

How do we define such an environment? At first, it is people centric and responds to people's aspirations to not only safety, accessibility and economic opportunities but also to physical and mental health, social bonds, emotional connect, inspiration and creativity. This is frequently associated with walkability, abundant green and blue ecosystems, inclusive and vibrant public places, valorized tangible and intangible heritage, local context tailored and organically built new urban fabric. 

The Track 7 will delve into how city and regional planners, designers and urban practitioners help Shaping Liveable Places. The track is solution oriented and focuses on transformative ideas and actions practitioners and decision-makers can debate and learn from. It connects to a broader placemaking initiative gaining momentum in numerous countries around the world. It is hence designed as a highly interactive and immersive series of sessions, some of which will take place in selected public places. 

Papers and presentations will focus on innovative solutions, and innovative formats of conveying them will be particularly welcome. Directions to explore could be:  

  • Data collection and means of measuring liveability
  • Walkable and accessible spaces
  • Planning for active and healthy cities 
  • Designing thriving public places
  • Building human-scaled cities and neighbourhoods
  • Megacities and liveability
  • Local knowledge and disruptive technologies: a break-through combination
  • Reconciling the need for building fast and affordable with the need for building sustainable and liveable 
  • Creative cities: fostering inspiration, exchange and growth
  • Brand and unique value proposition: thriving habitats, identity and sustainable tourism
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