congress team:
 Eric Huybrechts (France), Stefan Netsch (Austria) & Laura Verdelli (France)

Culture and heritage preservation are still too often undervalued in urban redevelopment processes. Therefore, the interplay between globalisation and locality shall be explored. Numerous concepts regarding heritage inclusion in the development processes can be drafted. Besides that, the new types of cultural activities become more and more important part in our daily life. Some of these may include implementation of smart technologies, knowledge and social inclusion, for total participation in the promotion of cultural heritage. This concept – named as The Smart Cultural City – can become of crucial importance for the future city. 

Papers and presentations within this track shall focus on the following:

  • Urban regeneration of cultural areas and reuse of heritage buildings in relation to technological aspects
  • Preserving urban memory associated with protecting cultural assets, manifestations of cultural activities and heritage
  • Contextualizing urban projects with understanding of the history and the societal principles of the city
  • Dealing with the issues associated with enabling local cultural industries and smart technologies
  • Understanding the significance of local assets
  • Lessons learned from the cultural developments and innovative implementation methods in the present
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