Work with us on a shared Congress Declaration: Contribute NOW until 4 February 2021!

For the duration of the Congress, all participants are encouraged to reflect on Congress Sessions and to share thoughts, experiences, and ideas.

In addition, please visit the Virtual Meeting Place (during networking hours) where you can discuss informally, or join Declaration Round Tables hosted by the ISOCARP Cyber Planner's Lab!

Connect, be inspired, and be a part of this year's global Congress message!

Opening Declaration Draft

The Congress Declaration opening draft was prepared by the International Society of City and Regional Planners and honored Co-hosts of the 56th Annual World Planning Congress, the Urban Economy Forum and UN-Habitat, for the Opening Plenary on 8 November 2020:

Access the Declaration Opening Draft HERE

Leave your comments on the Declaration Draft HERE

Leave general comments about the congress topics HERE

In the spirit of inclusion, this opening Declaration represents an open working draft - a starting point, from which ISOCARP and its co-hosting partners UN-Habitat and Urban Economy Forum, invite all Congress Participants to take a seat at the virtual planning table and contribute over the course of the Congress: to ensure a truly inclusive and collaborative Congress and a shared final Congress Declaration! 

The resulting Congress Declaration will be presented at the closing of the 2020 World Planning Congress on 4 February 2021.

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